North Texas Giving Day IS TODAY!!! | Chamberlain Ballet - Looking to the Future

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In the 1980s, we stretched our limits. In the 90s, we built upon our foundations. In the 2000s, we explored who we were. Then we spent the last ten years refining who we have become. We stage world class productions such as The Nutcracker and Coppelia. Chamberlain Ballet provides training from world class instructors. Our own artistic staff boasts of former professional dancers with New York City Ballet and San Francisco Ballet. Our company dancers attend master classes in our studios that are taught by world class ballet and dance instructors, such as LINES Ballet and Wendy Whelan. Access to this sharing of knowledge extends through us to the public as well.

Being champions of performance and preparation is who we are.

Chamberlain Ballet continues to reach out to the community to lift underserved and special needs into the world of art and dance. Additionally, our Relevé and Shining Stars outreach programs provide free dance instruction to hundreds of underserved and special needs students each year. We will reach even further by introducing outreach classes to elderly healthcare individuals in our community. Chamberlain Ballet believes the art of dance is a critical part of life through all stages of life. Not only do we want to share the physical benefits of training, i.e. balance and posture, but we want those of need of all ages in our community to experience the cognitive benefits of dance. Exposure to the arts and participating in dance positively impacts everything from test scores to mood and anxiety.

Being champions of community outreach is who we are.

Not only does Chamberlain Ballet directly impact lives in North Texas, but those impacted routinely share their love of the arts. The arts are evolutionary. As we progress as people; our art grows in depth, technique, sophistication, and (most importantly) appreciation. For that artistic growth to continue, we need the artists that can continue to push our minds and make us question our positions and opinions. Chamberlain Ballet has been putting artists in our community since we began in 1984.

Being support for creative minds is who we are.

Chamberlain Ballet has determined to see a future where we can best support all the individuals looking to us to help guide their artistic endeavors. We see an immediate future with more master classes, new costumes, scholarships, more commissioned works, more festivals, more editions of our Family Ballet Series, more guest artists, more alumni dancing professionally, more alumni returning to dance with us. We want to see our students routinely choreograph their own works both solo and ensemble. To get this vision, we must invest in our community, our dancers, and ourselves. Chamberlain Ballet is working diligently. We are determined to transfer our operations into a new facility. Chamberlain Ballet’s new facility will bring our dancers a place to truly hone their art.

As this letter goes out, the future will have begun for organizations participating in today’s North Texas Giving Day including, of course, Chamberlain Ballet. We all begin today by reaching out to you for support. With your help, Chamberlain Ballet will continue supporting the creative souls of our community. We need these souls to flourish. We need their spirits to express the art they have inside. We need that art to push us, to test our bounds, to force us to evolve. Chamberlain Ballet reaches out to you because the dancer is a special spirit. The future is brighter when that spirit shines.

We are all artists. We are ever evolving.

We are Chamberlain Ballet.


Kathy Chamberlain

Founder/artistic Director

Thank you for your time and support.

We hope your support will help us stretch further.

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