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There are many ways to support Chamberlain Ballet.

We are very thankful to all individuals and organizations who choose to support Chamberlain Ballet.


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As a non-profit, Chamberlain Ballet’s continued success is dependent on the support of volunteers and sponsors. We truly appreciate and care for every contribution made in the interest of helping us spread a love for the arts throughout our community. Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers and sponsors for all your generous and loving support.



Time and talent using expertise to support Chamberlain Ballet as:

  • Board members

  • Program chairs

  • Special events

  • Outreach programs


Financial support to Chamberlain Ballet to:

  • Enrich the community

  • Enlighten with arts education

  • Encourage through outreach programs


You Too Can Make a Difference!


Supporting the arts positively impacts lives in our community. Research shows that investing in the arts encourages business development, supports jobs, and creates government revenue in communities large or small.[1] The College Board has found that students who include arts classes in their high school years out perform their peers on the SAT.[2] At-risk students involved in after-school arts programs have greater success academically and personally than those left unsupervised.[3]


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